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Francine Elaine Wade
Born September 8th, in Houston, Texas raised by two loving parents, Arthur Sr. and Lucille Walker the only girl of five children. Her father was a Baptist minister and waiter by trade, her mother a Christian housewife. 

Francine is a born-again Christian since the age of twelve, upon accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior she began serving in the church has a Sunday school secretary, an usher and sang in the church choir.
She graduated from Ross Sterling High School 1982 and furthered her education at The University of Houston where she studied public speaking briefly. She has one child Max Wade III and has since been blessed with one granddaughter, Brooklyn Neveah Wade. 

Francine worked six years at The Houston Chronicle Newspaper as an account executive, writing newspaper ads and is currently a business owner/entrepreneur for the past twenty years as a childcare provider serving a Houston community for inner city children where she is well known and highly recommended.  
At the age of 43, Francine says her life began to miraculously change and transform after hearing the voice of God as she reports praying intensely to God about a matter, she knew only God could handle for her.

……I was on my knees faced down praying to God, when I heard a voice say to me ‘The more Satan puts on you - The more you put on him. Continuing on in prayer the voice returned and said to me “Don’t Let Satan Have The Last Word. Immediately after, I heard the voice again, this time, it said I want you to write a book based upon what I just said to you and you cannot tell anyone about you writing this book until I’m ready. I remember raising up and saying ok Lord I will obey. I also said to God that I didn’t know the first thing about writing a book – and he responded ‘I will lead and guide you into all truths as it concerns this matter.  

Although, Francine couldn’t imagine what all this would mean, she said yes to the call of God. Francine knew this was going to be a supernatural move of God for she had no college degree in writing or in theology.

Francine says, she knew she was called into the ministry when her first book was written “Don’t Let Satan Have The Last Word” launched in 2011, leading her on a God inspired journey. Currently Francine is the founder of “God’s Angelic Daughter’s (GAD) since 2014 an in-home women's ministry helping women to get spiritually renewed and empowered through the Word of God. She has written over 25 Christian books all available on and The Texas Prison Bookstores. 

Her written children books “Kids Chanting For Jesus” have traveled to Kenya-Africa. Francine also recites The Lord’s Prayer in English, Hebrew, Swahili, Spanish and Sign language.
Francine often says, she feels she is riding on a spiritual trolley, not going too fast or too slow leading her into her divine destination the plans of God. 


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